The Sweethearts

        22 September - 17 October 2015, Finborough Theatre




“These charity gigs are always in bloody awful countries. I wish someone would fight a war in Marbella. I wish there were starving people in bloody Hawaii.”


At the award-winning Finborough Theatre 22 September to 16 October 2015, originally seen as a staged reading as part of Vibrant 2014 – A Festival of Finborough Playwrights. Published by Oberon Books.


Coco, Mari and Helena are The Sweethearts, a manufactured girl band who are rarely off the front page of the tabloids. In need of some positive publicity, they travel to Afghanistan to do a special gig for the troops at Camp Bastion before the base is handed over to Afghan officials. A group of battle weary soldiers, chosen to protect these three beautiful celebrities, eagerly await their arrival. But when there's an attack on the base, The Sweethearts and the soldiers are thrown together and forced to wait it out in very close quarters...


Marking the first anniversary of the departure of British Troops from Afghanistan after a thirteen year campaign and the deaths of 453 British service personnel, The Sweethearts is a new play about the people we choose to make into our heroes and how we tear them back down...







22 September - 17 October 2015, Finborough Theatre


Written by Sarah Page

Directed by Daniel Burgess

Designed by Alex Marker

Lighting by Paul Comerford

Sounds by Edward Lewis


Producer: Ian Melding (for Announcement Productions)

Stage Manager: Charlotte Walton



Jack Bannon

Joe Claflin

Jack Derges

Laura Hanna

Stevie Raine

Sophie Stevens

Doireann May White

Maria Yarjah.








"Unmissable. It’s a play I plan to recommend to friends who don’t much care for theatre. I might go again."

-Everything Theatre



"A riveting production, a first-rate cast, a strong script, and a credible storyline, The Sweethearts provides an insightful look at life on the battlefield. This is theatre as it should be: absorbing, perceptive, and above all, entertaining."

-London Theatre 1



"In its final 10 minutes, The Sweethearts comes close to touching theatre gold: those electric moments on stage when the walls fall away and every heart in the house is in the mouth."

-The Arts Desk



"The Sweethearts is an effortlessly immersive piece. Page has an exceptional gift for dialogue, and each character possesses a unique and intriguing voice."

-British Theatre


"Funny, relevant and thrilling script... Brought to life by these brilliant actors"

-A Younger Theatre