June 2-5 The Warren, Brighton




““People think this is an art form of animals…people from the street who have no sensibility … battle rap shows you there are geniuses who never got a GCSE in their lives”


Forget everything you think you know about battle rap.


We take a peek into the lives of members of a diverse, thriving sub culture. From the care worker who became UK champ to the mathematician taking the scene by storm, we look at the stories of those who step into the pit. BODIED is a new play drawn from interviews with the UK's top battlers.


The show features live rap battles, unique to every peformance, starring different emcees each night. 

The stories are true. The battles are real.





Written by Samuel Port and Kevin Williams

Directed by Kevin Williams

Dramaturgy by Sarah Page

Produced by Lucy Troy

Additional content by Shox The Rebel, Juan and Hennessey


The play was developed from interviews with Tony D, Soul, Raptor Warhurst, Harry Baker, Lady Shocker, Matter, JShort, Deep      

Throat Thug, Heretic, Hennessey, Craft D, Dekay and Rachael Black.


Will Adolphy

Jonny Leigh-Wright

Abi Taylor Jones


Battles at The Warren June 2-5

Harry Baker vs Heretic

Ambi vs Ren DMC

Craft-D vs J-Red

Danny Jaqq vs Rivers


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Harry Baker vs Heretic June 5, 2016

Ambi vs Ren DMC June 4, 2016

















Danny Jaqq vs Rivers June 2, 2016